Micro Grameen

We are not job seekers,
We’re job creators”.

Yunus Muhammad

The core of our action is represented by the services of accompaniment to Microcredit, which combine socio-psychological aspects with a business consultancy and who see as last expression the “Grameen Lab”.  

In line with Yunus’s vision, the Foundation intends to develop a new methodology within its structure to accompany empowerment of people which we already support with our services, to enhance the transition from Job seeking to Job creation: no longer just looking for work, but also become job creators.

Our training courses deal with the horizon of skills and competences with the aim of strengthening some decisive areas for the personal and professional development of the person.

The ultimate goal is to make participants autonomous in the management of personal and economic resources, in making financial decisions and in transforming an idea into a business project, including a social one, in line with their capabilities. The courses are personalized to the recipients, adapting the methods of delivery to the context (cultural, organizational, environmental) of reference.

The teaching methodology is laboratory-experiential and refers to a learning-by-doing training approach. In addition to the frontal lessons, therefore, we use alternative teaching tools such as group work, role-playing and simulations, in order to actively involve the participants throughout the course.

The project is characterized by a participatory methodology. We use the “group” as an educational device that favors protagonism through dialogue, the exchange and learning from experience. The interaction between the protagonists of the path starting from problems recognized as common allows for the sharing of questions and reflections, the creation of new ideas and to work to strengthen a sense of community.