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Social Business

A company with a social purpose is a company driven by a goal rather than from the pursuit of profit and, potentially, it can act as a changemaker in the world.”

Yunus Muhammad

Social Business it is a possible reinterpretation of various methods of business activities, which aim a tgenerate value for the community, even before private profits.

Contradicting the traditional economic paradigm which sees entrepreneurial activity as mainly aimed at the remuneration of invested capital, the profitability of economic activities undertaken according to the model of Social Business addresses social responsibility purposes, in response to the needs of the communities, according to an idea of balance between social actors – businesses, institutions, the third sector – which is generative of shared well-being, oriented towards the cooperative method and aimed at concretely respond to emerging needs.

The inspiration for Social Business, coined by Yunus, comes from the experience gained in developing countries and intends to present itself in Europe as an opportunity for the synthesis of existing paradigms, including “civil economy” It is “positive value economy”, and of the most lively traditions in the sign of a renewal of social and economic relations.