Modello 3 zeri

“Current capitalism seeks to build a better future through the accumulation of wealth and profit, but the real solution lies in investing in people, social enterprises, communities and the environment.

Yunus Muhammad

A World with Three Zeros is a perspective that considers the interconnection between Economy, Social and Environment. It is based on the idea that the world should evolve towards a society without poverty, without unemployment and without net CO2 emissions. This vision represents a new paradigm for the global economy, where the well-being of people and nature are at the heart of economic and social policies. There Yunus Foundation actively promotes this vision and works to develop innovative solutions that contribute to creating a World with Three Zeros.

The topics for a model with three zeros are detailed in the book “A world with three zeros – how to permanently eliminate poverty, unemployment and pollution” published in 2017 by Nobel Peace Prize, Muhammad Yunus.

Therefore, the World of Three Zeros outlined by Professor Yunus aims to subvert the current economic model through the pursuit of three objectives:


  • ZERO POVERTY Minimize the number of people living on less than a dollar a day.


  • ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT Promote the employment of as many individuals as possible through self-entrepreneurship or the creation of social businesses.


  •  ZERO POLLUTION Promote global ethics – through social businesses – that conserve resources and reduce environmental impact and tackle climate change.


The Yunus Foundation is committed to realizing this vision,at Italian and European level through the application of the metric of the Three Zeros; that is, an evaluation system created to support local businesses, local activities and cities in undertaking actions aimed at applying the principles of Professor Yunus, minimizing the environmental and social impact of their activities and realizing sustainable development.

In this sense, the metric of the Three Zeros, applied by the Yunus Foundation, serves to make all the Zeros dialogue, through projects and activities in each work area, in order to concretely pursue the vision of Professor Yunus:

 Working area:

To encourage development and economic growth, the Foundation offers support and consultancy for the start-up of social enterprises and actively promotes the concept of self-entrepreneurship, dealing with facilitating and accompanying access to (micro) credit or other subsidized financial instruments;

 Social Area:

The Foundation offers support in policy making, reporting and social impact assessment; it also offers financial literacy and education courses with a strong psycho-social component aimed at improving one’s awareness and economic management.

 Environment Area:

The Foundation takes care of supporting companies in assessing their environmental impact, offering impact assessment services, such as life-cycle assessment, environmental consultancy.